Hi! I'm Katarina, founder of PURPLE CREAM.
PURPLE CREAM is a brand designed to change your relationship with clothes. We are a slow fashion brand and aim to be a carbon-neutral business.
We offer free carbon-neutral shipping worldwide!
How does this work? We work with EcoCart integrated in our shopping cart when you place an order. The emissions are calculated with an algorithm based on the weight of the clothes you selected, the materials used and the shipping distance to your address. The final emission cost based on the algorithm is then covered by us, financing carbon-positive projects (e.g. forest restauration in Alaska), resulting in a carbon-neutral order for you. 
We also plant a tree per product sold in our shop. We work with Ecologi to plant mangrove trees in Madagascar directly when you place an order. Mangrove trees store up to 5x as much carbon as tropical forest trees. Check out our growing forest here!
We work with Printful as our manufacturer. Different manufacturing locations are selected depending on where you place your order to minimise shipping distances, we feel this is a sustainable practice and sets us apart from other brands.
All PURPLE CREAM designs are born in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. As the weather is quite grey over here, we brighten our days with funky prints. Our signature style is all-over-prints that we produce on high-quality materials. They remain intact even after 10 washes!
Our collections are genderless, we design with everyone in mind.